Collins Skip Hire

About Us

Skip hire Collins is a skip hire company with easy and convenient deliveries. Accessible 24/7, we are the cheapest service provider in Skip hire and always looking to reduce waste as much as possible so that our customers can continue to make use of items. In 2015, everything changed. It was then when Brelsford Collins really began being “better for our environment.” Rather than taking back the old and replacing it with new, our environmentally friendly approach helped us tackle waste at its roots by ensuring nothing will be wasted.

We listened to what our customers had to say and took their general wish list requests into consideration when deciding on how best to market their needs. We emphasis on: Fast, Free Delivery An in-depth respect for environmentalist concerns meant that we specify % branches only (Minimum 2) Very late hours or 24 hour services available including a courtesy call before delivery Tenant has option of collecting items but arrangements must be made at least 3 days in advance Waste management co-ordination plus education for staff