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Maxi skips are an excellent choice for businesses and industries in need of efficient and reliable waste removal solutions. These larger-sized skips are specifically designed to handle commercial and industrial waste on a larger scale. With a range of sizes available, from 10 yards to 18 yards, maxi skips offer ample capacity to accommodate a substantial volume of waste materials.

One of the primary advantages of maxi skips is their ability to handle larger-scale projects. Whether you’re involved in a construction site, demolition activity, or have ongoing waste disposal needs in a commercial or industrial setting, maxi skips provide the space and capacity required to efficiently manage and dispose of waste.

The dimensions of maxi skips may vary slightly depending on the specific skip hire service and the size of the skip. However, they are designed to offer a generous amount of space for waste materials. These skips can hold a significant number of bin bags, typically ranging from approximately 80 to 180 bags, depending on the size of the skip.

By opting for maxi skips, businesses can streamline their waste management processes. With a larger capacity, fewer trips to the waste disposal facility are required, saving time, effort, and resources. This makes maxi skips a cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial waste disposal needs.

It’s important to consult with the skip hire service provider to ensure the specific dimensions of the maxi skips align with your project requirements. By choosing maxi skips, businesses can enjoy the benefits of efficient waste management, increased convenience, and a reliable solution for handling their commercial and industrial waste disposal needs.


Maxi skips are commonly chosen for their larger size and capacity, making them ideal for commercial and industrial waste removal purposes. These skips are available in various sizes, such as 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard options, catering to different waste disposal needs. The dimensions of maxi skips may slightly vary depending on the specific skip hire service and the chosen size. For instance, a 10-yard maxi skip could be approximately 3.66m (12ft) long, 1.68m (5.5ft) wide, and 1.68m (5.5ft) tall. As the size increases, so do the dimensions, with an 18-yard maxi skip measuring around 5.49m (18ft) in length, 1.76m (5.8ft) in width, and 1.98m (6.5ft) in height.

Maxi skips are commonly utilized for larger-scale construction projects, demolition activities, and the disposal of commercial and industrial waste. With their greater capacity, they can accommodate a significant volume of waste materials, ranging from approximately 80 to 180 bin bags, depending on the specific size of the skip. It’s important to note that the exact dimensions of maxi skips may vary among different skip hire services, so it’s advisable to confirm with the service provider to ensure that their maxi skip options align with your project requirements.


The cost of hiring a maxi skip can vary based on several factors, including the size of the skip, the duration of the hire period, and the location of the skip hire service. The prices provided earlier are approximate and can vary depending on your specific location and the skip hire service you select. To obtain an accurate quote tailored to your needs, it is recommended to directly contact the service provider. It is essential to note that additional fees may be applied by some services for certain types of waste, such as hazardous materials or electrical appliances. When discussing the hire with the skip hire service, it is advisable to inquire about any additional charges that may be applicable to your specific requirements. By doing so, you can ensure transparency in pricing and avoid any unexpected costs associated with your maxi skip hire.



Maxi skips offer numerous benefits for commercial and industrial waste disposal needs. These larger-sized skips are specifically designed to handle larger volumes of waste, making them well-suited for substantial construction projects, commercial cleanouts, or industrial waste removal. The advantages of opting for maxi skip hire include:

  1. Increased Capacity: Maxi skips have a significantly larger capacity compared to smaller skips, allowing for the disposal of large quantities of waste. With the ability to hold between 80 to 180 bin bags of waste, they provide ample space for bulky items or extensive waste accumulation.

  2. Efficient Waste Removal: Using a maxi skip enables the efficient removal of a substantial amount of waste in one go. This saves time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple trips to the disposal site, thereby improving overall efficiency on the worksite.

  3. Versatility: Maxi skips are suitable for a wide range of waste materials, including construction debris, renovation waste, bulky furniture, and large quantities of garden waste or soil. They provide a versatile solution for disposing of various types of waste generated in commercial or industrial settings.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Despite their larger size, maxi skip hire services are often cost-effective compared to other waste management options. By opting for a maxi skip, businesses can avoid the expenses associated with multiple smaller skips or frequent waste transportation.

  5. Environmental Responsibility: Maxi skip hire services typically prioritize environmentally responsible waste disposal practices. They ensure that waste is collected, transported, and disposed of at licensed waste management facilities, with a focus on recycling and reducing the environmental impact.

  6. Safety and Compliance: Utilizing a maxi skip helps maintain a clean and organized worksite, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with scattered waste. Furthermore, working with licensed skip hire services ensures compliance with local waste disposal regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal consequences.

By considering these benefits, businesses in Cardiff can make informed decisions about maxi skip hire, ensuring efficient waste management and contributing to a safer and more environmentally conscious construction or commercial project.


When comparing waste management options, it’s essential to consider the differences between maxi skip hire and builder skip hire to determine the most suitable choice for specific needs. Here’s a comparison between the two:

Size and Capacity: One significant difference between maxi skips and builder skips is their size and capacity. Maxi skips are larger and offer greater capacity, typically ranging from 10 to 18 cubic yards or more. In contrast, builder skips are generally smaller, with common sizes like 6 or 8 cubic yards. If you have a larger volume of waste or bulky items to dispose of, a maxi skip would be more appropriate.

Project Type: The choice between a maxi skip and a builder skip depends on the nature and scale of the project. Builder skips are commonly used for construction sites, home renovations, and smaller commercial projects. They are ideal for disposing of heavy materials like bricks, concrete, and rubble. Maxi skips, on the other hand, are more suited for larger construction projects, commercial cleanouts, or industrial waste removal that involves a higher volume of waste.

Cost: The cost of skip hire can vary depending on the size of the skip, duration of hire, and the specific skip hire service provider. In general, builder skips tend to be more affordable compared to maxi skips due to their smaller size. However, it’s important to consider the volume of waste and the number of trips required. If a project generates a significant amount of waste, multiple builder skips might be needed, which can increase costs. In such cases, opting for a larger maxi skip could be more cost-effective.

Convenience: Maxi skips offer the advantage of a larger capacity, reducing the need for frequent waste removal trips. This can save time, effort, and transportation costs compared to using multiple builder skips. However, builder skips are often more maneuverable and easier to place in confined spaces, making them a practical choice for projects with limited access.

Ultimately, the choice between a maxi skip and a builder skip depends on the specific requirements of the project. Consider factors such as the volume of waste, project size, and budget to make an informed decision. Consulting with a reputable skip hire service can also provide valuable guidance on selecting the most suitable skip for your needs.